Become Superhuman at Any Skill

NYT bestselling author and human guinea pig Tim Ferriss comes back on the show to tell the wild stories and how we can all be superhuman.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Expand your sphere of comfort. Incrementally do things that expand your comfort.
  2. Improve thinking by writing, as it tightens thought... you can see & fix messy thinking.
  3. Say no to a lot of things, and yes to that one important thing.
  4. Test assumptions; don't limit yourself to several options. People get trapped within limits they themselves or others project onto them.
  5. Treat health as the top priority.
  6. Always try to improve, without beating yourself up if you have setbacks.

Towards the end, he talks of a very important worldly problem -- teaching people numeracy and literacty in a compelling manner. I very much think more resources should be spent on software to educate the world, especially those without access to standard education. This requires far-reaching problem-solving & resources; it will develop contributors in society vs. simply consumers.

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Become Superhuman at Any Skill

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Excellent talk. These are my top two influencers and they shed light on important thoughts!

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