The Department of Homeland Security Should be Embarrassed

For many years now, I've been hearing about embarrasing hacks happening within various departments in our country. The problem is simple; humans make errors, thus are prone to hacks.

It is unclear how the hacker (or likely, hackers) even infiltrated, but it's clear that the DHS needs to really work on securing sensitive information. This hack has targetted specific elements - those involved with information security in specific. I would imagine that underground hackers are not on to many of these agents, and security needs to be beefed up, as Obama has recently mentioned.

This is not one hack. This is an ongoing hack against the United States government.

Who is behind this, really? I'm guessing a combination of underground and foreign, state-sponsored hackers. The information security wars have been raging for quite some time now. Perhaps it's good that the White House finally realizes it needs someone specifically assigned to lead the charge on securing sensitive data.

Source: Motherboard (Vice)

Posted in Science & Technology, News, Politics on Feb 08, 2016


The Department of Homeland Security Should be Embarrassed

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