Did Trump Start World War 3 in Syria?

World War 3 may have just ignited thanks to Trump's decision to bomb Syria with over 50 tomahawk missles (each cost over $1.5M) at a Syrian airbase, roads and who know what other kind of infrastructure. In the meantime, for the past few years, Syria has been battling terrorism is currently rooting out the ISIS terrorists... who have been reported to have used chemical weapons over 50 times.

Syria is not Iraq.

The excuse Bush used -- the one that stated Iraq had weapons of 'mass destruction' -- was utterley a false excuse. An excuse which led to a war that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead. Millions are still displaced. Iraq has so many wounds, as does Syria. The excuse that President Don is using -- saying that Syria used chemical weapons -- is reminiscent of Bush's excuse.

Does Syria need to use chemical weapons?

Militarily, Syria is defeating ISIS. So, no. Of course Syria is receiving help from Iran and Russia, mainly, whom have slammed the US attack against Syria. “We would welcome a more considered approach,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on a conference call Thursday. “This is a dangerous and heinous crime but it’s hasty to put labels on it.”

Escalating the violence in war-torn Syria is NOT the answer.

This is not how we make America great again, Trump. Who Stands to Benefit? Definitely not Syrian civilians, who are banned from seeking refuge in America.

Posted in News, Politics on Apr 07, 2017


Did Trump Start World War 3 in Syria?

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