Dog Saves a Kitten!

This put a huge smile on my face! A dog saved a kitten from a Ravine in South Carolina. In the video, you'll see how cute these two friends are. Yup, friends...even at the pound the dog is caught nursing it's little kitten friend. Cats and dogs are so different, yet these two are friends. Makes ya wonder about some humans, doesn't it?

"Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith was sent to investigate. Shortly after she arrived, she found a small black and white dog, on the opposite side of a ravine, behind a Home Depot. Officer Smith climbed down to get the dog. When she made it to the bottom, she discovered the dog was nursing a baby kitten. Officer Smith rescued both animals and took them to Anderson County P.A.W.S. Workers there say the mom is taking great care of her adoptive baby, keeping it clean and well fed."

Posted in Inspiration on Sep 13, 2015


Dog Saves a Kitten!

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Very warming.

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