Drones in the US to Require Registration

Earlier this week, the US Department of transportation announced its plans to make it mandatory to register drones, even for recreational usage. There is a workgroup that will meet on November 20th in DC that will hopefully hash out the details to allow laws to go into place around mid-December.

I believe that this will take longer than just December, as it is exceptionally difficult to develop and agree upon a pragmatic approach to registration, and ultimately identification of drones and their operators.

Checkout A Drone and Droneward for more information on drones, as well as updates.

Posted in Science & Technology, News, Politics on Oct 22, 2015


Drones in the US to Require Registration

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Whoa. I wonder what A) the requirements will be, B) how much will it cost?, and C) what about all of the drones already out there?

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