Germany To Turn 62 Military Bases Into Nature Sanctuaries

Yesterday the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation announced that it will turn 62 military bases into tranquil nature reserves. This decision makes sense because, hey, WWII has long been over!

"We are seizing a historic opportunity with this conversion -- many areas that were once no-go zones are no longer needed for military purposes," Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said, according to Agence France-Presse.

German military reforms have allowed the country to set aside 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors for wildlife. "We are fortunate that we can now give these places back to nature," Hendricks said.

Ruth Schedlbauer, a spokeswoman for Germany's Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, told The Huffington Post that species like the middle spotted woodpecker, above, and lesser spotted eagle, below, will live in the sanctuaries. The reserves will not only protect birds -- threatened bats and beetles will also thrive there, Schedlbauer said.

Source: Huffington Post

Posted in News on Sep 18, 2015


Germany To Turn 62 Military Bases Into Nature Sanctuaries

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Great. More nations need to demilitarize.

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