Government Contracting During a Donald Trump Presidency

Insights from US Federal Contractor Registration President Eric Knellinger

Regardless of your political affiliation and beliefs about the outcome of the recent Presidential election, the truth remains that Donald Trump will be sworn in as President later this month. As I write this, the electoral college has met and affirmed President-elect Trump’s win in November, and he has started to name his appointees for several key government positions. And while some believe the sky will simply fall once his term begins, I am taking a more conservative wait-and-see approach to how his presidency will affect government contracting as a whole.

One key fact that won’t change, regardless of the man – or woman – in the White House – the federal government will still buy products and/or services from government contractors (including from small business government contractors) and contractors must still have an active, complete, and correct System for Award Management (SAM) Registration in order to do business with the federal government. These are facts that you can take to the bank – and if you’re succeeding as a government contractor, then you are taking these facts to the bank. Just look at how many millions of dollars our clients have received since the start of the current fiscal year. And that’s just through the end of December 2016. The number is nearing $100 million, and I believe we’ll surpass it by the time we distribute our February newsletter.

So how do you make sure you’re getting your fair share of government contracts? Simple – you take advantage of the tools at your disposal and make sure you’re getting information about your company, product(s), and/or service(s) in front of the right government procurement officers.

If you don’t know how to do this, or how to even start putting in place a marketing plan for your business, then we can help. We make available to our clients free access to a library of training information and materials, from e-mail templates to use when reaching out to government buyers to information about how to best market your business and the information you should be sure to get out there.

Clients can access this training via our training portal at If you’re a current client, then your username and password will give you access to the materials. If you’re not a client, then we’re going to open the training doors to you as well, at least for the month of January. Go to and get access to training materials, but not to any of the information available via our state-of-the-art Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search (AFPDS). Don’t know what the AFPDS is? Call us today and find out how it gives you in one place all of the information you’ll need to locate and research solicitations and put together contract-winning bids.

As for what the future may hold for government contractors? I believe defense contractors are in for a windfall as well as contractors who work in the construction and transportation industries. But we won’t know for at least a few months how government contracting under President Trump will look. But rest assured, federal buyers will still have money to spend and, if you do the work, they just may be willing and ready to spend that money with you.

Posted in News, Politics on Jan 12, 2017


Government Contracting During a Donald Trump Presidency

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