New Study Finds Yoga Helps With Arthritis

A new study finds that Yogis with arthritis had better physical health, less joint pain and less depression.

Exercise is needed to improve muscle mass, reduce inflammation, and keep the body healthy. With arthritis, it is even more imperative to flex our joints. 44% of people with arthritis say they don’t exercise, and close to 80% aren’t active enough.

A recent randomized controlled study published in the Journal of Rheumatology finds that people with arthritis who practice yoga can reap impressive physical and mental benefits. Those who practiced yoga three times a week had an improvement in pain levels, energy, mood and physical health compared to the group that didn’t do yoga—and the effects lasted even nine months later.

In a studio in New York, Yogis show off their skills and ingenious way they used hammocks to improve flexibility. Checkout the video:

Source: TIME

Posted in News, Life & Health on Sep 18, 2015


New Study Finds Yoga Helps With Arthritis

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Daily stretches and exercises are waaay important.

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