Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: Galaxy Bend?

After many years of R&D, the Korean giant Samsung may very well be ready to launch its first ever foldable smartphone this January, according to a recent report. Internally codenamed Project Valley (or Project V), this new smartphone could launch as early as January 2016.

There may be two variants of the device; one may feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620, while the other may feature the Snapdragon 820. These are the latest processors from Qualcomm that feature Quick Charge 3.0. The 620 is an octa-core from Cortex chips, while the 820 is a quad-core built from custom Kryo cores. The Galaxy S7 is also rumored to be sporting the 820.

The video below shows the technology behind it; Samsung Youm Flexible Displays.

Source: [Digital Trends]

Posted in Science & Technology on Sep 15, 2015


Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: Galaxy Bend?

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I wonder how much it'll cost and if what they're going to call it!

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