Sanders Links Clinton to Panama Papers Scandal

Bernie predicted the Panama Scandal in 2011. Now, he continues to challenge the 1%ers who use Panama as a tax havan. Earlier today, he issued a press release linking Hilary Clinton to the Panama Scandal.

Responding to Hillary Clinton’s attempt to portray him as unqualified for the White House, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders linked her to a trade pact exploited by wealthy individuals and profitable corporations to avoid paying taxes.
An investigation by a team of journalists revealed that 214,000 entities throughout the world have used a law firm in Panama to shelter their incomes and profits to avoid paying taxes. The release this week of the documents on offshore financial dealings raised questions over the widespread use of tactics to avoid taxes.

Posted in News, Politics on Apr 07, 2016


Sanders Links Clinton to Panama Papers Scandal

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Wow, these guys can get away with so much! Go Bernie!

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