Sweden is No Longer the Humanitarian Capital of Europe

"There are no simple answers," says one official. Government and humanitarian workers have already been pushed passed their capacity, even before the migration crisis.

Imminent deportation

Amisdt a drastic shift in Sweden's migration policy, an agreement to open a refugee center in Morrocco has been reached. Though, one Iraqi migrant said he's just going to go back to Baghdad, rather than wait 3 years on top of what he's already waited...just to see his family.

Over 5000 incidents reported at asylum centers

"We have never had this much policeman," says one policeman.

Over 10,000 child refugees have disappeared.

Some are feared to be trafficked and some are feared to have been recruited by organizations.

Neo-Nazis & European Extremists Targetting Refugees

Throughout the country, ethnic Europeans have been stirring up the migrants. Rather than trying to understand their tragic situation, Neo-Nazis have become what they see as vigilantees, attacking and demonstrating against migrants.

Europe is in a deep humanitarian crisis as we see it. There's no real solution in sight besides closing the door. What a shame.

Posted in News, Politics on Feb 04, 2016


Sweden is no longer the humanitarian capital of Europe.

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Such a shame, I always had respect for Sweden for helping out.

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