We the Economy: Cave-o-nomics

Morgan Spurlock, the hungry genius who showed us what fast food does to the digestive tract serves up the U.S. economy on a plate.

In an animated series with Morgan Spurlock, this 6 minute explantion of an economy and the market cycle is an interesting way. Getting down to the basics, Morgan embarks on explaining how markets came to be via initial specializations and trade, to the dangers of unfair advantages and corruption.

How did the economy get started? Meet Ugg, Glugg and Tugg, three enterprising cave men who accidentally invented trade, marketing and the base elements of the modern market economy.

In the end, competition drives innovation and our hard work and innovative ideas will pay off.

Posted in Life & Health, Politics on Oct 08, 2015


We the Economy: Cave-o-nomics

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Great video to explain the market and how/why it started.

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