Skyrim VR is a tremendous recreation. It was already unbelievable when it initially launched on PSVR final 12 months and now that it takes full benefit of the Rift and Vive’s extra highly effective and improved controllers, this may increasingly very properly be the definitive model of Bethesda’s timeless RPG epic followers have been ready for. We actually can’t get sufficient of it.

And despite the fact that Bethesda isn’t formally supporting mods for Skyrim VR, many of the Skyrim Special Edition PC mods do nonetheless work so long as they don’t depend on the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and also you’re okay with doing a bit extra tinkering than common. We’ve obtained a information on utilizing mods with Skyrim VR proper right here.

So now that we now have Skyrim VR on PC and we’ve obtained mods, the query is which mods are the very best? That reply is likely to be a bit completely different for the VR model of the sport so we’ve performed our greatest to place collectively a complete record of advisable mods, cut up into a number of completely different classes. Our purpose with these mods is to toss in as a lot as we will that also retains a lore-friendly strategy to the sport and can nonetheless really feel like Skyrim, however simply make it higher and provide extra.

The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Download Link

Before you put in every other mods you must seize this one. This fixes a bunch of bugs that Bethesda by no means obtained round to fixing and it applies to the VR version as properly.

Best Skyrim VR Graphics Mods

Skyrim 2017 Textures

This one is definitely a group of a number of completely different mod information, every of which tackle completely different areas of the video games textures from the landscapes and bridges to cities and mountains. Definitely get all of them. The higher GPU that you’ve got, the higher your efficiency will likely be however the visible enchancment is simply completely price it.

Flora Overhaul

Makes the crops and grass and timber look approach higher.

HD Road Signs

Road indicators in vanilla Skyrim are nearly unreadable and so they simply look downright blurry in VR. This fixes that.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Textures and meshes are two various things. You don’t actually need to know the distinction, however simply perceive that you just’ll need this mod on prime of the Skyrim 2017 Textures mod to handle the areas that one misses.


Skyrim doesn’t have the very best wanting character faces. It’s a undeniable fact that Bethesda nonetheless struggles to make an honest wanting NPC. Luckily, modders are serving to out with this nifty mod.

Realistic Water Two

This mod enhances the entire water all through your complete recreation to make it look even higher. Standing beside a peaceable lake or watching a cascading waterfall in VR is extraordinarily calming. Make positive and seize the LOD repair as properly.

Vivid Weathers

Once you’ve obtained the bottom visuals and textures enhanced, this mod is de facto the cherry on prime. It will enhance the entire climate results and actually make Skyrim really feel like the harmful wilderness that it’s.

Realistic Light Overhaul (RLO)

This is the very best and most complete lighting mod, nevertheless it’s not 100% confirmed that it actually works with Skyrim VR. I’ve it put in and don’t discover a lot of a distinction, so possibly a greater one is on the market. This one is nice for non-VR Skyrim although.

Enhanced Blood Textures

This mod could be very customizable for the blood element, shade, and splatter measurement. I like cranking it up in order that I really feel like much more of a badass warrior whereas enjoying.

Best Skyrim VR Sound Mods

Sounds of Skyrim Complete

If you’re like me then you definitely most likely want Skyrim had a bit extra ambient noise. Chirping birds outdoors, creepy moans in dungeons, or the chatter of townsfolk all assist make the sport really feel extra immersive. This mod provides a ton of nice, immersive audio to the sport that felt lacking earlier than.

3D Audio

The default audio is flat and inaccurate in Skyrim VR. This fixes that.

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

Sounds are supposed echo and bounce off of surfaces. This mod helps all the things sound and really feel way more lifelike.

Best Skyrim VR Immersion Mods

JK’s Skyrim All-in-One

This is one other mod assortment that provides a bunch of lore-appropriate element to each metropolis.

Lanterns of Skyrim

I at all times thought it was bizarre there weren’t many gentle sources round at evening time, so this fixes that.

Obsidian Mountain Fogs

Sometimes the draw distance is a bit crummy with timber and mountains and different objects, so this truly provides some atmospheric fog within the distance round mountains. It’s an incredible impact and helps masks a number of the draw distance points.

Book Covers Skyrim

Lots of the e book covers appear to be trash and are repeated all through the sport. This one makes each e book and readable object distinctive!

Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Some folks hate how dramatic the ragdoll will be within the base recreation, so this may tone it down for you. Or, when you’re like me, possibly you crank it up a bit of bit larger.


Magical College of Winterhold

This one simply provides a bunch of minor magical-themed enhancements to the school to make it really feel extra like a correct Mage’s College.

Birds of Skyrim

This one provides a bunch of assorted birds. That’s about it.

Immersive Citizens

This mod does lots, however the brief model is that it makes NPCs behave extra realistically. Definite must-have for immersion.

Immersive Patrols

Adds lore-appropriate guards and troopers to the overworld on patrol paths. They may help you in battle if close by and even battle one another once they cross paths.

More Bandit Camps

Exactly what it says. Adds extra bandits sprinkled across the wilderness.

Schools of the Holds

It at all times bothered me how remoted the College of Winterhold was, so this provides college outposts to the key cities.

Wards Act Like Shields

It by no means made sense to me why wards couldn’t block melee assaults — this made mages really feel under-powered at instances. This mod fixes that.

Best Skyrim VR Follower Mods

Amazing Follower Tweaks

This mod allows you to take a number of followers, handle their outfits, spells, and fight fashion, and even assign them to a sure residence and stage up their expertise. They’ll additionally experience horses, make camp, and even dance with you.


Easily probably the greatest modded followers ever made for Skyrim. He’s totally voiced with tons of persona. Grab this mod in order for you a wonderful companion in your journey.


If you’d fairly take a feminine companion that’s much less annoying than Lydia, Sofia is an efficient selection. She’s additionally fully-voiced and actually well-done with an incredible humorousness.

Best Skyrim VR Weapon and Armor Mods

Immersive Armors

Adds a ton of lore-friendly armor to the sport, unfold out all through all of Skyrim, so you discover all of it naturally.

Bandolier Bags

Carry weight at all times feels too small? This is nifty lore-friendly option to improve how a lot you’ll be able to carry by equipping luggage.

Cloaks of Skyrim

Lets you and NPCs put on cloaks.  That’s it. I like this one.

Rustic Clothing

Adds extra clothes selection.

Heavy Armory New Weapons

Lots of latest weapons added to the sport and unfold out.

Lore Weapon Expansion

Same as earlier than, however extra.

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

Same as the opposite two, however extra nonetheless.

Zim’s Immersive Artifacts

Makes the artifacts in Skyrim extra highly effective and distinctive than earlier than.

Best Skyrim VR Gameplay and Content Mods

Mihail Monsters and Animals

Mihail truly has a complete assortment of mods that add every kind of creatures, animals, and monsters. Look by way of the record and choose those you need.

Diverse Dragons Collection

More dragon variety with distinctive fashions, textures, and even new talents. Definitely makes issues a bit extra thrilling.

Summermyst Enchantments

Enchanting is without doubt one of the most underrated however strongest elements of Skyrim, this mod makes it even higher.

Apocalypse Magic Spells

After spending nearly seven years with the spells in Skyrim it’s time for a change. This mod provides 155 new spells that each one really feel lore-friendly with out breaking the sport. Lots of these talents frankly ought to have been included to start with and makes enjoying a mage far more enjoyable.

The Notice Board

I’m a sucker for issues that streamline my entry to content material, so this one simply provides a easy discover board close to every tavern that may assign the randomly generated Radiant Quests at will. Super nifty.

Now lastly, earlier than you play, be sure to observe these directions to get the mods arrange accurately after which obtain LOOT to kind and arrange them into the right load order. Then you ought to be good to go!

That’s it for this record. There are 1000’s of mods for Skyrim on the market, a lot of which work with Skyrim VR, so we will’t probably embody all of them right here. For extra recommendations take a look at this stickied thread on the sport’s subreddit.

We overlooked giant quest mods, location expansions, or main overhauls as a result of these sometimes alter the sport and throw in non-lore-friendly content material, so we intend on doing follow-ups to this article to give attention to a few of these bigger standalone expansion-style mods as an alternative.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know down within the feedback under!

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