Adversity doesn’t construct character, James Lee Allen wrote, it reveals it. That’s turn into painfully clear within the final 24 hours, as many liberals appear intent on exhibiting the nation simply how little they’ve realized about Americans since final yr’s election.

The social gathering that thought calling voters “deplorable” was a profitable technique is again at it, shaming leaders for suggesting one thing as unsophisticated as prayer after Sunday’s horrific bloodbath. From governors to sitting senators, the left lashed out at Republicans for daring to recommend that religion may assist a neighborhood that died for it.

To the devastated individuals of Sutherland Springs, Texas, President Donald Trump instructed a grieving nation, “Our ideas and prayers are with the victims and households of as we speak’s horrible and murderous assault.” And whereas liberals didn’t appear to thoughts when President Barack Obama responded likewise to the Navy Yard capturing in 2013, many are utterly unglued that this administration would tackle a church capturing by invoking God.

When House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., provided his condolences, the left unleashed a string of statements virtually too not possible to consider (and a few, too offensive to print). Actor Wil Wheaton’s response was completely jaw-dropping, even for Hollywood: “The murdered victims have been in a church. If prayers did something, they’d nonetheless be alive, you nugatory sack of  s—.”

“It’s unhappy, and that is what you’ll get from the far secular left,” a genuinely surprised Ryan instructed Laura Ingraham. “People who do not need religion don’t perceive religion, I suppose I’d must say … And, it’s the proper factor to do—to hope in moments like this as a result of you understand what?” Ryan continued. “Prayer works.” But, he went on, “When you hear the secular left doing this factor, no surprise you’ve received a lot polarization and disunity on this nation when individuals assume like that.”

And whereas Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, D-Mass., assault didn’t embody any four-letter phrases, she didn’t thoughts treating religion like one. “Thoughts & prayers are usually not sufficient, GOP,” wrote the Massachusetts Democrat. “We should finish this violence. We should cease these tragedies. People are dying when you wait.”

Not to be outdone, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo advised that we now have “professionals” for this praying factor. “We have pastors, monks, and rabbis to supply ideas and prayers. What we want from Republicans in D.C. is to do one thing. Lead.” In different phrases, maintain your faith in church the place it belongs and let authorities be our God.

Ever the diplomat, Keith Olbermann‘s Twitter feed dripped with disdain. “‘Thoughts and prayers’ once more, @actualDonaldTrump, fool? These individuals have been in CHURCH. They WERE praying.”

The Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn has seen loads of issues in his journalistic profession. But these responses have been among the many most astounding.

” … [P]rogressives merely can not comprise their distaste towards symbols and beliefs necessary to extraordinary Americans,” he writes. “Until Sunday this columnist thought it not possible to match the obtuseness of millionaire athletes exhibiting disrespect for the nationwide anthem and the followers who pay their salaries. But give credit score the place it’s due: The thoughts-and-prayers police make the NFL protesters seem like Gandhis.”

“Second, these doing the taunting apparently do not know how infantile their understanding of prayer is. As the households that come every week to the First Baptist Church recognize, prayer just isn’t a magic talisman in opposition to struggling. In a religion that instructions its adherents to choose up their crosses, prayer is a approach to reward the Almighty and, when needed, ask for braveness and resolve to do the appropriate factor.”

The secular left’s gospel of condescension is identical as we speak because it was in 2008 and 2016. Only the ignorant and unenlightened consider in an influence greater than authorities. Only the deplorable flyovers cling to their weapons and faith. It’s the precise smug self-importance that value the Democratic Party the White House. And a full 12 months later, they present no want or will to alter it. Not even on this second, when mother and father are bundling their youngsters into tiny-sized coffins and grandparents are planning for Thanksgiving with eight empty chairs.

In the top, that’s the true shame. Not simply the shortage of non secular conviction of their taunts, however the lack of compassion. Instead of lessening this city’s struggling, they’re including to it by calling what these individuals died for unimportant and irrelevant. The 26 individuals in pews that Sunday morning actually didn’t assume so. And in the event that they have been alive as we speak, I’ve little question that each single one in every of them would agree: prayer isn’t the issue. It’s a part of the answer. A spiritually sick society that embraces violence as an alternative of values wants God.

Gun management, knife management, truck rental management, stress cooker management—they’re by no means going to cease evil. Only a devoted individuals, with hearts turned towards what’s proper, can try this. Until then, we mourn with those that mourn, recognizing, as Sutherland Springs Pastor Frank Pomeroy does, “I don’t perceive, however I do know my God does.”

This was initially printed in Tony Perkins’ Washington Update, which is written with assistance from Family Research Council senior writers.

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