A summary of a WWDC is different than a summary of The WWDC. While it may be true that there have been big announcements in the past, there’s still going to be some cool stuff at these events. Below is a compiled list of everything we know from Apple’s site.

Developer’s Gala: iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS are all in line with Apple’s vision, which will be shared at the conference. Afterwards, rewards in the form of honors for the year’s best app-developers. And maybe lemon cake.

Sessions: Apple holds tech-heavy “sessions” at their conferences, and this year is no different. Focus: Apps, and how they do with new Apple technologies.

Labs: This year, the labs are teaching implementation of new tech in groups.

Consultations: Special appointments with the Genius-Geniuses. Particular focus with app distribution, marketing, analytics, and user interface design.

Guest speakers:

  • Disability and Innovation: The Universal Benefits of Accessible Design by Haben Girma
  • Tapping into Innovative Solutions to Save the World’s Wildlife by Ginette Hemley
  • Talking In Pictures: Reconstructing the Building Blocks of Language by Ajit Narayanan
  • Marvel: Making a Difference in the Real World by Bill Rosemann
  • Full List

Get Togethers: Industrial-level friendship bracelets to be made here, in the form of networking without the pressure. The Decompression: A wonderful musical extravaganza at the same auditorium

The Above is only a list of Key Events.

Have fun!*

Written by Mohammed Jaffar.