Summary: Users have realized to disregard content material that resembles advertisements, is near advertisements, or seems in areas historically devoted to advertisements.

Banner blindness is a long-known internet consumer habits: it describes individuals’s tendency to disregard web page parts that they understand (appropriately or incorrectly) to be advertisements. And, whereas webpage patterns and sorts of advertisements have developed, banner blindness continues to be prevalent, our current analysis exhibits.

Banner blindness is an occasion of selective attention : individuals direct their consideration solely to a subset of the stimuli within the atmosphere — normally these associated to their objectives. This habits is a consequence of our restricted consideration capacities. If we have been to take care of the big influx of sounds and patterns that encompass us, we’d be overwhelmed and behave inefficiently.

On the net, UI parts and completely different items of content material all struggle for customers’ consideration. To full their duties effectively, individuals have realized to concentrate to parts that usually are useful (e.g., navigation bars, search containers, headlines) and ignore these that are normally void of knowledge. Ads are maybe probably the most outstanding member of this final class. Hence banner blindness.

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