Brass Tactics (2018) is a node-based real-time technique recreation that comes with a little bit of a pedigree. Created by Hidden Path Entertainment, the minds behind the Defense Grid franchise and Age of Empires II, you’ll most likely enter the world of Brass Tactics like many others – dropping in after getting your fill of the free-to-play multiplayer demo Brass Tactics: Arena. What you see in Arena is principally what you get within the full model, save the sport’s 20 maps, marketing campaign mode, and 3 AI to play towards.

Brass Tactics Details:

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Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Available On: Oculus Rift (Oculus Store)
Reviewed On: Oculus Rift
Release Date: February 22nd, 2018


If you haven’t had an opportunity to obtain Brass Tactics: Arena at no cost, right here’s the essential rundown:

Your tiny table-top military is basically composed of a balanced collection of 12 unit courses, every with their very own improve tracks that may render them with totally different skills such flame add-ons, sturdiness, and rush capacity. Upgrades are solely obtained through the match in query, so the one distinction between a newcomer and an RTS monster is the participant’s familiarity with the mechanics and maps. There’s a reasonably cool number of models, from weakling warriors to flying models like mechanical dragons. My favourite with out query is the twin hammer-wielding Titans, who lurch in the direction of targets and principally wreck the shit out of every little thing on land.

Like many RTSs, there are two basic currencies on this planet, which in Brass Tactics’ case is jewels and ore. Jewels are obtained at particular jewel mines scattered on each side of the map, and are used to purchase buildings, make upgrades and prepare a few of the extra harmful and costly models. Ore, which is collected at ore mines, is as a substitute used for coaching all models.

picture courtesy Hidden Path Entertainment

Because it’s node-based, it’s important to first conquer an space by inserting a land unit within the predefined zone, which then offers you entry to construct on no matter nodes the realm could maintain – normally only one or two slots to construct buildings. One or two extra slots are sometimes obtainable for a turret in every node space.

Directing models is painfully easy. A full activation of Touch’s set off offers you the power to focus on all or any models by waving your hand over them. A half pull of the set off will permit you direct particular person unit clusters, one thing I discovered took getting used to, however some grew to become very intuitive as soon as I did.

Brass Tactics boasts 6 hours of story mode, and whereas your mileage could differ relying in your issue setting and your particular person capacity, I discovered this to be true on the ‘regular’ setting for me, clocking in just below 6 hours to finish the 8 missions. There is a straightforward, regular, exhausting and epic mode to select from nonetheless, which might lengthen (or shorten) your marketing campaign playtime.

In phrases of the AI’s capacity to current a problem, the marketing campaign mode was a enjoyable method to principally find out about each unit in a logical sequence and see them in prolonged motion, form of like an extended tutorial for the multiplayer portion. For this cause although, the marketing campaign mode largely felt like a missed alternative. Much of the story unfolds earlier than you as dialogue between two AI proper earlier than the mission begins, providing solely a tiny glimpse into the bigger world round you. Because there wasn’t a world I might observe or affect outdoors the tabletops in entrance of me, the impact this had on me was apparent; the one factor I needed to do was win the match forward of me, and I didn’t actually care why. This could seem to be par for the course, however if you inhabit an area in VR, you count on a higher diploma of company than a flatscreen recreation.

While you too can bone up in your abilities in skirmish mode, which provides you entry to 3 totally different AI and greater than 8 tables, I discovered the meat of the sport was in on-line multiplayer. There, your opponents fill the gaps. During marketing campaign, Brass Tactics proves itself to be a reliable and well-balanced RTS, however multiplayer predictably dislodges you from no matter notions you had about creating a mode throughout marketing campaign and forces you to not solely react, however in a approach work together.

There is a barely totally different social dynamic if you’re ostensibly within the room with another person. Unlike top-down RTS variants, this VR RTS lets you see what the opposite participant is doing, see the place they’re concentrated essentially the most, and even form of learn their body language. To that finish, I discovered that in on-line multiplayer, I didn’t truly like speaking through the recreation. I used to be at all times too busy strategizing and balancing the spinning plates of making and sustaining my struggle machine to actually delve into any significant dialog. But afterwards was a unique story. There, I’d hang around for a couple of minutes earlier than exiting and get to know my opponent some – see what they did, and have a bit of higher understanding of how I might enhance, or what sneaky factor I ought to be taught subsequent.

As far as I can inform, there’s no rating system but, which can hinder how newcomers understand multiplayer mode farther down the street, however proper now it’s one of the participating components about Brass Tactics and might actually be a blast if you happen to get in with the best competitor.


The world of Brass Tactics is visually gorgeous, and might be a few of the finest character design within the VR RTS style proper now. It actually doesn’t damage having such detailed miniatures (these at all times look nice). Seeing the little cogs churning, and your fort stand up Game of Thrones-style would possibly simply be well worth the worth of admission to some. Units and buildings are simply distinguishable too, which isn’t at all times the case in VR RTSs.

picture courtesy Hidden Path Entertainment

Because of the implied urgency of attempting to win, you’ll most likely get fairly engrossed in all the duties of commanding your tiny armies throughout the sport’s 10 sq. foot (3m²) desk prime. Without the sport clock overhead, it could be very easy to lose time enjoying. This is feasible on account of BT’s responsive and fluid controls, and rock strong character interactions, which all assist floor you in your new actuality. Because of the comparatively uncommon locomotion type (see within the ‘Comfort’ section), I can’t say I used to be ever actually ‘Present’, however I don’t see how it could be potential with this type of recreation anyway wanting making me bodily stroll to the opposite aspect of the map; one thing I’m very glad I didn’t must do.

Since the marketing campaign is such a big a part of the general recreation, I ought to point out I used to be a bit of let down with the primary villain Zavolto, a personality voiced by Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen (Lord Petyr Baelish, aka ‘Little Finger’). To my shock, I discovered his efficiency missing the vary I grew so accustomed to in GOT, feeling extra like halfhearted sound bites than an precise interplay.

Here’s a fast clip of Zavolto admonishing me for quitting a battle.

The final niggle I’ve in regards to the marketing campaign mode is how the sport feels if you end a match. Instead of getting the choice to proceed on, or binge for the subsequent ‘episode’ to expertise extra about why you’re combating within the first place, you’re unceremoniously returned to the primary menu the place you then must click on by to the subsequent stage you unlocked. It’s a bit symbolic of all the story mode basically. “You win. Now go away.”


Although you may play standing, that is positively very best for gamers searching for a seated expertise.

Locomotion is achieved in a technique alone – by grabbing the map from below you and ostensibly flinging your self within the desired route. Personally, this proves to be extraordinarily snug regardless of the relative pace that you simply glide alongside, one thing you may chalk as much as the truth that you’re not truly flinging your self, however somewhat shifting the desk from beneath you. To obtain this, you’re truly at all times central below the columned monopteros and its skybox whereas the desk is repositioned under you.

That mentioned, on the uncommon event I’d find yourself focusing an excessive amount of on the board, making my mind revert to the belief that I used to be certainly flinging myself and never the desk under me, which at moments led to some faint discomfort.

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