I don’t know when it occurred, however I’ve stopped utilizing my cellphone to play video games … nicely, until they’re PC video games, Terrible Chess, or Bridge Constructor. That final one is a sport I’ve performed for years, and now developer ClockStone and writer Headup Games have given me a motive to construct much more bridges with a completely new expertise that expands the gameplay prospects by bringing in ideas from Valve’s Portal puzzler.

Bridge Constructor Portal is out now for $10 on Steam (the place I performed it). As the identify suggests, it smushes collectively the structural-assembly mechanics of Bridge Constructor with the wormhole motion of Portal. Your objective is to rig up robust sufficient contraptions to allow a forklift (or a convoy of forklifts at a better problem) to get to their objective. But the obstacles in your manner usually make it unimaginable for the standard bridge to work, and that’s the place the portals are available. Unlike Valve’s Portal and Portal 2, you don’t get a gun or select the place to create the doorway and exit doorways via spacetime. Instead, these come built-in into the extent whenever you begin, and also you simply have to design ramps and roadways to reap the benefits of these useful rips within the cloth of the universe.

This setup makes the sport a extra advanced model of Bridge Constructor quite than a variation on Portal, however that’s not a nasty factor. I benefit from the means of encountering a brand new stage and all of its challenges, determining what I’ve to do, after which constructing absurd rigs to execute on my concepts. That’s a stable, possibly timeless, gameplay loop, and Bridge Constructor Portal nails it.

Of course, ClockStone did usher in loads of Portal taste. You are constructing bridges for Aperture Science, the amoral science-technology conglomerate from the Half-Life universe and the creators of the portal gun. The world takes on the aesthetic of an Aperture Science “pocket universe,” and GLaDOS — the villainous A.I. from Portal — is your information and tormentor as soon as once more.

This is a brilliant evolution of the Bridge Constructor style. It’s additionally a reminder that mashups and crossovers are enjoyable and extra video games ought to do them. We’ve already had Mario + Rabbids this 12 months and now Bridge Constructor Portal. I need extra of this sort of factor in 2018.

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