It is an exciting time to be living and working in the city of Philadelphia, with the boom of the tech industry as well as the presence of an increasingly thriving social impact ecosystem. Perhaps the most exciting thing to see is the conscious coupling of technology and social impact, with many organizations and initiatives sprouting up that aim to empower those working in tech to gear their talents towards social good, such as Code for Philly and Code for America.


One such organization that is working to weave social impact into its technology-focused work is Key Medium, a premiere digital agency that creates beautiful, branded experiences for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Key Medium was founded on the belief that the right website, design, messaging, and online experiences can be extremely powerful in driving growth and success.


While Key Medium is already focused on mission-driven organizations and companies as its core clientele base, it wants to prioritize social impact even further by offering Key Medium Grants, or significantly discounted services, to nonprofit organizations in dior need of a website design, digital makeover, or strategy boost. It is offering these grants through an impact initiative called Coding for Causes.


The Coding for Causes program at Key Medium has already proven that it can drive award-winning results- Key Medium Founder Ali Jaffar and Creative Director Erkan Salhi were honored as 2018 Gold Winners from W3 Awards and 2018 Silver Winners from the Davey Awards for developing a standout brand experience for WFI City College, a nonprofit college that provides vocational programs for High Priority Occupations in North Philadelphia. received a Gold in the Websites – School/University category. Since launch, the site has generated an unprecedented amount of traffic, engagement, and buzz.

Now, the Key Medium team is in the process of working with another Coding for Causes grant recipient. This project is a site redesign and brand revitalization for Grounded in Philly, a collaboration between The Garden Justice Legal Initiative at the Public Interest Law Center and 596 Acres in Brooklyn, NY. The goal of Grounded in Philly is to facilitate the transitioning of vacant land in Philadelphia into community-controlled green spaces, gardens and gathering places. Through the site redesign, the Key Medium team will revamp the Grounded in Philly website and brand, positioning it to deliver maximum impact within the community.


The Key Medium team is excited about the success of the work of the Coding for Causes programs thus far, but ultimately wants to grow the program to deliver maximum impact in the community alongside its nonprofit partners. The team is currently donating their time and work to make it possible to offer Coding for Causes grantees a notable discount on the Key Medium services. In order to make this program more sustainable and scalable, Key Medium is looking for to form relationships with more community partners that make a difference in our great city.

Interested in being a part of the Coding for Causes program, either as a sponsor or a grantee? Get in touch with the team by emailing The team would love to chat with you about working together to put Philadelphia on the map as a place where tech and social impact come together to help the community thrive.