Sequels are likely to dominate gaming. I’ve by no means had an issue with that as a result of, in contrast to movies, sport sequels usually function elementary modifications in comparison with their predecessors. But meaning a sport of the yr record doesn’t at all times have a ton of room for one thing really new, which is why now we have the Freshest Gaming Universe award class as a part of our GamesBeat Rewind year-end occasion.

The Freshest Gaming Universe of 2017 is …

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Other finalists: Gorogoa, Torment: Tides of Numenera

Listen to us talk about this class within the audio model of the podcast proper right here:

Before it got here out, I assumed I might dismiss Horizon: Zero Dawn. It was a brand new property from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, which had spent the final decade failing to make a “Halo killer.” But when you spend any time in its distant future world, you’ll shortly discover the work Guerrilla did to make Horizon: Zero Dawn particular.

On the floor, Horizon’s sci-fi, 31st-century postapocalyptic setting appears fairly commonplace — even when robotic dinosaurs rule the Earth. But Guerrilla didn’t simply depend on a cool setup. The studio crammed within the gaps of the world with fleshed out characters and a sophisticated political and spiritual panorama.

While you begin your journey with Aloy, a superb hero, as an outcast to a matriarch-worshiping society, you’ll uncover that Horizon’s world has a wide range of tribes with diverse beliefs and cultures.

Everyone you meet is conscious of Aloy’s tribe and their beliefs. In specific, they know that your group is scared of town remnants buried underground. Aloy, as soon as an outcast, doesn’t share that perception. That places her into conditions the place somebody is saying one thing dismissive about her folks that she agrees with, however you’ll be able to see her bristle at this outsider’s criticisms. You’ll discover a whole lot of characterization like this because the cultures bump up in opposition to each other, and it brings Horizon’s world to life.

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