Early Wednesday morning, a

The primary upside of utilizing the mining rig as a heater was that moderately than paying to run an area heater, my mining rig was offering warmth whereas additionally incomes cash. The rig is at the moment mining Zcash and is ready to do about 1500 options/second. Practically talking, this works out to about 1/50 of a Zcash token per day, or about .001 tokens per hour.

At the time of writing, Zcash is value $375, which signifies that the rig makes about 38 cents per hour. After deducting for electrical energy prices (about 15 cents per kilowatt-hour), the rig was making about 20 cents/hour in revenue.

Although a rig that isn’t optimized to be a heater isn’t a tremendous substitute for extra standard methods of staying heat, it was higher than nothing and definitely the simplest on my checking account. I’m positive including one other rig into the combination would have made it fairly toasty (and noisy) in my room, however I doubt I’d ever have the ability to discover some extra GPUs for a second rig even when I needed to.

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