Our nation’s leftist progressives have lengthy sought to undermine the American values expressed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Though typical Democrats and Republicans shouldn’t have this leftist hate for our nation, they’ve been prepared accomplices in undermining essentially the most primary worth the Founding Fathers sought to advertise—restricted authorities.

Leftists have had their biggest successes in undermining American values on the nation’s school campuses. Derelict and dishonest school directors, professors, and boards of trustees have given them carte blanche.

Let’s take a look at a few of it.

Students on the University of Virginia desecrated the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the college’s founder. Students on the University of Missouri need Jefferson’s statue gone.

Why? He was a slave proprietor. Many within the school neighborhood supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. They welcomed Sanders’ perception that the United States was based on “racist rules.”

There have additionally been requires the removing of President George Washington’s and President Abraham Lincoln’s statues. Some have known as for the renaming of faculties that honor Washington, Jefferson, and 11 different slave-owning presidents.

Leftists have known as for the renaming of streets named after slave-owning presidents. There have been many leftist requires the elimination of Columbus Day. Their success at getting Confederate statues taken down has emboldened them.

What goes unappreciated is simply why America’s leftists’ motion assaults the Founders. If they will delegitimize the Founders themselves, it goes a good distance towards their agenda of delegitimizing the founding rules of our nation.

If the leftists can persuade the nation that males corresponding to Washington, Jefferson, and James Madison have been good-for-nothing, slave-owning racists, then their concepts could be extra simply trashed. We discover the best assaults on our founding paperwork on the nation’s school campuses.

The common father or mother, taxpayer, and donor has completely no thought of the weird classes that school professors are educating college students.

Professor Adam Kotsko of Shimer College teaches, “Whether or not your particular person ancestors owned slaves, you as a white particular person have benefitted from slavery and are complicit in it.”

Micah Johnson, a analysis assistant and graduate scholar teacher within the University of Florida’s Department of Sociology and Criminology and Law, teaches that the American notion of patriotism is “drenched in whiteness” and that patriotism implies that black individuals are “un-American.”

These forms of assaults on American values have reached one among our most prestigious establishments of upper studying—the U.S. Military Academy.

The administration at West Point knew of 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone’s disqualifying insubordination on the academy, extremist political opinions, and regulation-breaking on-line exercise. Proof has surfaced that West Point management knew as early as 2015 that Rapone was an avowed communist and held Marxist anti-American beliefs.

One of his Facebook posts learn, “F— this nation and its false freedom.” Despite Rapone’s conduct and demonstrated hatred of our nation, the U.S. Military Academy’s administration noticed match to permit Rapone to graduate in 2016.

But the rot at our premier army academy goes past the traitorous concepts of Rapone’s. That was revealed in an open letter written by retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Heffington, as soon as a professor of historical past at West Point.

Heffington’s letter uncovered widespread corruption, dishonest, and falling requirements on the academy to which the administration has turned a blind, politically right eye.

In response to Heffington’s broadly circulated letter, the superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., launched a typical bureaucratic letter saying the administration will handle the issues raised in Heffington’s letter about falling requirements.

It may also examine the revelations that it not solely managed to graduate Rapone but additionally despatched him on to Army battlefield models, thus enabling him to unfold his anti-American concepts.

The American folks have to cease being sheeple and put a halt to the undermining of our nation happening in our establishments of upper studying.

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