For the primary time in a few years, I got here throughout a meme I didn’t even remotely perceive:

Don’t get me flawed, I believed it was humorous, however this meme went viral on Twitter for no obvious cause (Crystel right here is an efficient tweeter however doesn’t have an enormous following), and lots of the replies to it are “why did this go viral?” Because I’m in fixed worry of falling Out Of Touch, I started performing some digital forensics with a view to perceive h.

After a number of hours of clicking across the web and speaking to literal meme medical doctors, I’m glad to report that I now know the true that means of h. Ultimately it is meme as a result of it is a meme.

Tracing the origins of h wasn’t straightforward. Several shut meme sources (nerds at Motherboard) advised me that h (to not be confused with g)originated with Brenda, an individual who apparently posted this on Target’s Facebook web page someday final yr:

That put up went viral on Reddit’s r/OldPeopleFacebook in August of final yr, however I haven’t been capable of finding Brenda’s put up on the precise Target Facebook web page. An r/OutOfTheLoop put up from two months in the past additionally factors to Brenda because the possible origin for H, although nobody was in a position to clarify what the joke is. I’m sorry to report to those numerous memelords, nonetheless, that they’re WRONG and that ‘H’ predates Brenda by a few years.

For occasion, this video of YouTuber JONTRON “SAYING H LIVE” was posted on YouTube in July 2014 and has been shared considerably broadly. But the place did JONTRON study H? I can’t reply that, however I did discover a weblog put up by net developer Christine Dodrill from 2015 that makes an attempt to clarify the “The Origin of h.” That weblog put up factors to a video referred to as “Moonbase 4lpha: *****y Space Skeletons” from 2012. This video is of a buggy area video sport referred to as Moonbase Alpha by which gamers spammed the letter ‘h’ over and over within the chat.

It is feasible that ‘H’ predates even this shitty moonbase sport, however it’s right here the place I digress: Finding the origins of the H meme would possible not assist clarify what the H meme means or assist us perceive why it’s at present viral.

The chilly, exhausting reality is that ‘H’ is a meme as a result of it’s a meme. And the Gordon Ramsay tweet went viral as a result of it went viral.

“Many memes are memes as a result of they’re memes/not as a result of they’ve a historical past or resonant backstory,” Whitney Phillips, an assistant professor at Georgia’s Mercer University who cowrote The Ambivalent Internet: Mischief, Oddity, and Antagonism Online, advised me in an electronic mail. “Simply liking issues (for who is aware of what cause, possibly no discernible cause even for individuals) is an typically ignored clarification for why individuals do the issues they do on-line, or offline; ‘I dunno I simply wished to’ is, in its personal means, an argument, even when it may not be satisfying for cultural critics.”

Phillips’s coauthor on that e-book, Ryan Milner, an assistant professor on the College of Charleston who additionally wrote the e-book World Made Meme, advised me in an electronic mail that the meme is humorous as a result of it’s basically a clean canvas. It means no matter you need it to imply:

“It makes NO sense at face worth and so it’s incongruous with regular memetic referencing in a pleasurable means,” he mentioned. “It additionally has the puzzle (what does this imply?) and jargon (outsiders won’t know what this implies) parts to it that lengthy made 4chan and different niches rat’s nests of esoterica. The intentions, processes, audiences, and meanings are exhausting to suss out right here however this instance is quintessentially memetic in that it’s a shared in-joke that others could make their very own as they share it additional. That’s true whether or not the textual content begins with a viral second, a captioned Muppet, or random pixels on the display.”

If you don’t have any thought what’s happening, that’s the purpose.

Crystel, the one that tweeted the tweet that despatched me on this imaginative and prescient quest, intrinsically understood this all alongside: “It actually means nothing, and that’s the joke (at the very least for me),” she advised me in a Twitter DM. “My humor has degraded a lot that it has come to a type of a single letter. Also everybody loves Gordon Ramsay meals roasting session … it’s simply so randomly dumb.”

This does imply, nonetheless, meme that’s humorous to you as a result of your title begins with the letter ‘H’ may be humorous to another person as a result of it’s racist, so maintain this in thoughts earlier than recklessly sharing memes: “Maybe, as a substitute, (or concurrently), we’re all about to get milkshake ducked, as a result of shock, The Daily Stormer goes to say tomorrow morning that H stands for Hitler, after which that may develop into true too, as soon as journalists begin writing articles about it,” Phillips mentioned. “Whether or not anyone meant it to level, it’s Poe’s Law all the best way down.”

I used to be fairly positive that H hadn’t but been coopted by the Nazis. But in the course of the enhancing course of, I discovered that JONTRON of “FOOTAGE OF JONTRON SAYING H LIVE” fame is adopted on Twitter by Richard Spencer and a number of other different outstanding members of the alt-right, and that final yr he defended the nativist and racist feedback of Iowa Rep. Steve King, beginning a shitstorm amongst his fanbase. Does this make H problematic? Who is aware of!

“The idea of ‘web/meme tradition’ has develop into so diluted, and in lots of circumstances, so hollowed out and stuffed with Nazis, that it is exhausting to know what ‘meme/web tradition’ even means anymore,” Phillips mentioned.

The excellent news is that I discovered I’m not out of contact and that I understood H all alongside. And so did everybody else. If you don’t have any thought what’s happening, that’s the purpose.

This article sources data from Motherboard