Blizzard launched a brand new patch late yesterday for Overwatch’s Public Test Realm, which is the place the studio tries out adjustments to the team-based shooter earlier than making them official. The replace weakens two of Overwatch’s strongest characters, the healer Mercy and the bomb-chucking Junkrat.

Overwatch has over 35 million gamers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s essential for Blizzard to maintain the sport’s roster of 26 heroes balanced to restrict frustration amongst gamers. Happy gamers don’t stop Overwatch, they usually’re extra more likely to spend cash on loot bins.

Mercy has been an issue for Overwatch for a very long time. She used to have an final capacity that may revive all close by useless get together members. Players complained that this mechanic was unfair and uninteresting, as Mercy would usually disguise out of sight of a struggle, await her crew to die, after which fly in and revive them. Blizzard turned Mercy’s revive into a daily capacity with a shorter cooldown that might solely resurrect one close by ally. She bought a brand new final that permit her fly round for 20 seconds, achieve two revive expenses, heal or buff a number of mates, all whereas her well being regenerated at a quick price.

This new Mercy was simply as sturdy because the outdated one, if no more highly effective. Blizzard would nerf her by introducing a forged time to her resurrecting that made her extra weak. She might nonetheless immediately revive mates throughout her final. Even after this alteration, she was nonetheless outclassing the opposite healers. Now, with this new PTR patch, Mercy’s final solely lasts 15 seconds, she doesn’t achieve an additional revive cost, and bringing an ally again to life whereas she’s flying nonetheless has a brief forged time. Her pace enhance through the final can also be 50 % slower.

Junkrat additionally acquired a change final yr that made him extra highly effective. He gained an additional cost for his concussion mine, which he can throw out after which explode later. But Junkrat gamers can usually throw one, blow it up, after which throw one other in fast succession. Combined together with his regular bombs, it was simple for him to rapidly destroy characters with low well being like Tracer with out a lot precision. Now, Junkrat’s mines have fall-off injury, that means they harm much less the additional a participant is away from them once they explode.

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