Summary: When an merchandise matches in a couple of class, keep away from dropping customers by adopting an IA construction when the identical web page can have a couple of dad or mum.


Creating an ideal information architecture (IA) for a web site is hard, particularly on the subject of balancing precision and readability. Ideally, you wish to create classes that precisely describe your content material and merchandise, are extensible whenever you add new matters or merchandise, and match your customers’ mental models (which regularly range from one particular person to a different).

The commonest IA hierarchy is structured as a tree, during which every node (aside from the one akin to the homepage) has a single dad or mum.  (Note that whereas we’re speaking in regards to the invisible IA structures underlying a website , these are often mirrored within the navigation UI as nicely). This kind of hierarchy typically poses an issue, nevertheless: some issues don’t match cleanly in only one class, however they naturally have a number of dad and mom, relying on one’s standpoint. Here is the place polyhierarchies are available.


Definition : A polyhierarchy refers to a graph construction during which at the least some baby nodes have  a couple of dad or mum nodes.

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