UploadVR labored with Jim Ivon, President of Labrodex Studios — the crew behind the upcoming VR shooter Scraper — to publish some excerpts from the sport’s tie-in novel: Scraper: The Rise of Cifer.

Written by prolific sci-fi author and New York Times bestselling creator Ryder Windham, the novel begins within the yr 2075, and serves as an introduction to the sport’s characters and backstory.

Scraper: The Rise of Cifer is now accessible on Amazon in each paperback and digital codecs.

You can expertise Scraper for your self and meet Jim Ivon, Ryder Windham, and different builders from Labrodex Studios at PAX East on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center happening April 5 – 8.

Be positive to learn Scraper: Rise of Cifer Chapter One and Chapter Two in case you haven’t but.

Chapter Three

Chuck Harvey had hoped Susan Keevers by some means escaped the explo-sions on the dockyard, that she hadn’t been blown to bits or crushed underneath tons of falling delivery containers. But as he and Winston confronted Keevers, noticed her standing subsequent to the red-haired man beside the crashed pod, with their helmets held above their heads, Harvey felt no pleasure or aid. He felt a mixture of confusion, suspicion, and betrayal. He held his finger regular beside his rifle’s set off.

Winston mentioned, “Keevers, I had a hunch you gave us the slip on the dock-yard. Military-grade transponders are robust little issues. It’s simpler to modify them off than it’s to blow them up or crush them. Susan, are you going to introduce us to your brother? Danton, isn’t it? From Beaumont?”

The red-haired man checked out Susan Keevers and mentioned, “You instructed him about me?”

“No,” Susan mentioned, “however he’s learn my file.”

Winston mentioned, “And I see the household resemblance.” He frowned. “Susan, MG reinforcements are on their approach. Before they get right here, I’m hoping you’ll inform me one thing. When did you begin stealing shipments? And why?”

Danton Keevers mentioned, “You wouldn’t perceive.”

“I didn’t ask you,” Winston mentioned, conserving his eyes fastened on Susan.
Susan mentioned, “The shipments contained supplies for ICARUS to construct extra Humechs. I . . . we needed to cease that from taking place.”

“Your brother’s proper,” Winston mentioned. “I don’t perceive. This goes in opposition to the whole lot the Multinational Guard stands for.”

Danton Keevers mentioned, “Oh, and what does the MG stand for? How about nothing greater than a instrument for ICARUS’s pursuits. And ICARUS’s Humechs are operating the whole lot, together with us. But what occurs when one thing goes fallacious, when the Humechs malfunction? If we don’t cease the robots, they received’t simply run us anymore. They’ll run us into the bottom.”

“You’re loopy,” Harvey mentioned.

Danton Keevers dropped his helmet, and Harvey noticed a small gun within the man’s hand. Harvey squeezed his rifle’s set off, releasing a single blast of the warmth ray. The blast struck Danton and Susan. Both screamed. Danton dropped his gun and Susan fell again in opposition to the crashed pod, however then she pushed herself off and began to run.

Winston was completed with chases for the night time. He reset his rifle to stun, and fired a large burst that struck Susan and her brother from behind. Susan stumbled and fell on the bottom whereas Danton collapsed beside the pod.

Winston watched the 2 fallen our bodies, ensuring they didn’t transfer. He heard a whooshing noise from overhead. He and Harvey regarded as much as see LCF-R in flight, illuminated by the radiant gentle from town.

LCF-R descended and hovered in a large circle across the crash web site. Harvey heard extra noise from throughout the depot, and noticed a number of Multina-tional Guard autos, the backup he’d requested, flying quick towards his posi-tion.

LCF-R touched down close to Winston. The robotic’s silver skull was made from contoured steel and plastic, and featured laser-etched facial plates with a outstanding forehead set above two crimson eyes, a slim nostril, a skinny mouth, and uncovered mechanisms at his temples and jaw. Advanced artificial muscle tissue enabled his face to carry out a spread of human-like expressions. If his face had proven even a hint of smugness or amusement, Winston would have felt like blasting his head off. But seeing that LCF-R’s face displayed a mixture of concern and aid, Winston mentioned, “Your plan didn’t go the best way you mentioned it could.”

“No,” LCF-R mentioned, “however you’ve apprehended the thieves, stopped them from taking the cargo of metals, and with none lack of life.”

The Multinational Guard autos swooped in. As they landed across the perimeter of the crashed pod and deployed troopers and medical per-sonnel, Winston held LCF-R’s gaze and mentioned, “When did you figure out that the thieves hacked our radios?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t inform you earlier, Commander,” LCF-R mentioned. “You and your crew have been already in place at Dockyard 37 once I detected a flutter within the radio transmissions that instructed the thieves had accessed the Multinational Guard’s safe voice communication community. Given the complexity of the encryption system, I surmised that the thieves obtained the entry codes from a member of your crew.”

The MG medical crew moved in with hover-stretchers to choose up Susan and Danton Keevers, who remained unconscious. Winston, nonetheless going through LCF-R, mentioned, “But you didn’t know which member of my crew was collaborating with the thieves?”

“No, Commander, I didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you inform me that you simply suspected certainly one of us?”

“Because, I couldn’t rule out the likelihood that the thieves obtained the codes from you.”

Hearing LCF-R, Harvey gasped. “You thought the Commander is perhaps working with thieves?”

LCF-R tilted his head to the facet. “It appeared unlikely, however as I mentioned, I couldn’t rule it out. However, I knew that if the thieves intercepted our communications, then at the very least a few of them have been conscious of our plan to ap-prehend them. I additionally knew that if a member of the Multinational Guard was in league with the thieves, then the thieves may also decide the places for the opposite MG troopers within the dockyard.”

Winston glanced on the troopers who have been loading Keevers and her brother into separate hoverpods, then regarded LCF-R once more. “So you broke into the delivery container, and waited for the thieves to attract their hearth?”

“Yes, Commander.”

“What in regards to the explosions? The container stacks and the hydrofoil? You knew about these upfront?”

“No, Commander,” LCF-R mentioned, and sounded nearly affronted. “If I had, I might have tried to guard you and your crew, despite the fact that I wasn’t sure who was allied with the thieves. I believe Lt. Keevers or certainly one of her accomplices planted the explosives to distract us, so they may try to flee.”

Harvey mentioned, “You assume Keevers and her brother deliberate on ditching the gang the best way they did?”

LCF-R shrugged. “Perhaps Lt. Keevers will inform you, however I believe she hoped they’d all escape collectively. Just as our plan modified, so did theirs.” He confronted Winston and mentioned, “Commander, I hope you’ll under-stand why I couldn’t provide you with a warning earlier. After I spotted the hydrofoil was a decoy, I intentionally shunned responding to your radio communica-tion as a result of—”

“Because you needed the thieves to assume you have been destroyed or disabled when you tracked them.”


Winston recalled the unusual shadow he’d seen whereas touring via the maglev tunnel. He added, “And when Harvey and I went after the pod, into the tunnel, you adopted us?”

“Yes, Commander,” LCF-R mentioned, “to make sure that you wouldn’t be harmed in any battle with the thieves. I by no means meant to hazard you or Lt. Harvey. I solely hoped to assist. If I may be of additional assist, please let me know. Now, in case you’ll excuse me, ICARUS requires me elsewhere.”

LCF-R prolonged his arms and lifted off, ascending into the sky. Winston and Harvey watched LCF-R veer off, angling for town, and Harvey mentioned, “What now, sir?”

“Now we return to headquarters,” Winston mentioned, “and submit our re-port.”

Harvey mentioned, “I by no means figured Keevers for a fanatic. I imply, I believed I knew her. We did karaoke collectively.” He shook his head. “She’ll go straight to navy jail. And isn’t that ironic?”

“How so?” Winston mentioned.

“Well, gosh, sir,” Harvey mentioned. “All that stuff she mentioned about Humechs operating the whole lot? I’m wondering if she is aware of all the jail is guarded by robots.”

“I’m positive she knew that already,” Winston mentioned. “If not, she’ll discover out quickly sufficient.”

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