A visitor publish by Joseph Friedlander Elon Musk’s new 150 ton payload class rocket, IF usable as described by Brian Wang in varied posts right here on Next Big Future, https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/10/spacex-bfr-and-developing-the-high-ground-is-the-geopolitical-game-changer.html https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/10/spacex-bfr-to-be-lower-cost-than-falcon-1-at-7-million-per-launch.html https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/10/exponential-industrialization-of-space-is-more-important-than-combat-lasers-and-hypersonic-fighters.html Spacex BFR building will begin in 4 to 6 months. would have larger than Saturn V payloads plus the magic of reusuability. How reusable is in fact the trick, however within the optimum case that Brian has written about, to cite Brian: at $7 million the SpaceX BFR launch 150 tons would have lower than a $50 per pound launch value… …can take 150 tons from Earth to

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