A brand new WebVR expertise launched this month is instructing customers about air air pollution across the planet.

There’s Something within the Air is a VR information visualization expertise created by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), The Public VR Lab, and Datavized Technologies. It makes use of VR to current viewers with a globe that they’ll spin to see totally different air pollution statistics for various international locations and a slider to allow them to cycle by means of information from 1990 – 2015.

As narration at the beginning of the expertise suggests, the piece is finest considered within the HTC Vive, although additionally works properly with smartphone-based units (and even simply your regular browser). Poles lengthen from every nation’s panorama, their peak and shade indicating the quantity of air pollution they produced within the given 12 months. Furter narration and explanations additionally accompany sure international locations. It’s a fairly accessible technique of getting a glimpse of how the world if dealing with chopping down on air pollution.

“This expertise demonstrates how large information and VR can be utilized collectively to create an immersive setting for elevated understanding and enhanced communication of real-world challenges,” Debra Anderson, co-founder of Datavized Technologies, mentioned in a ready assertion. “We are delighted Datavized geospatial software program merchandise and mapping applied sciences are getting used as highly effective instruments for environmental training, consciousness and impression.”

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