Cryptocurrencies have an enormous vitality downside, however fortuitously there is no such thing as a scarcity of inventive methods to generate magic web cash whereas decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. Some mining rigs—the specialised computer systems that remedy complicated math issues to earn cryptocurrencies—depend on wind energy. Others are actually constructed behind a Tesla. Still others take a cue from The Matrix and harvest human body warmth to mine cryptocurrency.

Then there’s Breath, a mining rig that generates the cryptocurrency Monero primarily based on how briskly you’re sucking in air.

Image: Max Dovey

Developed by Max Dovey, an artist and researcher on the Institute of Network Cultures, Breath repurposes a medical device known as a spirometer that measures how a lot air is inhaled and exhaled by your lungs. This knowledge is then fed to a small laptop mining on the Monero blockchain.

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While a consumer’s breath doesn’t really energy the pc, it does decide the pc’s hashrate, which finally determines how a lot Monero the pc can mine. According to Breath’s web site, 1 puff per second equates to the pc performing 1,000 hashing operations per second. This might sound like so much, nevertheless it’s only a drop within the ocean of the Monero community’s complete hashrate: Around 500 million hashes per second.

So far the undertaking, which Dovey started final 12 months, has earned slightly underneath $1. But in accordance with Dovey, it was by no means about earning profits.

Image: Max Dovey

“Turning the act of respiration into an lively miner on the blockchain community encourages us to contemplate extra sustainable and psychological strategies to take care of blockchains,” Dovey wrote in his artist assertion.

As cryptocurrencies look to eat up an ever larger portion of world vitality use, you may say undertaking like Dovey’s come as a…breath of contemporary air.

This article sources data from Motherboard