It’s laborious to listen to it on the primary pay attention. Turn your sound up slightly. Don’t be distracted by the algebra—shut your eyes and take into consideration who shot first.

Holy shit it’s that goddamn Cantina Song from Star Wars, “performed” on the strokes of a lead pencil. It’s like ASMR on Adderall.

There’s an entire, new subreddit devoted to pencil musicians, however the group usually considers Dani Ochoa, the creator of this video, the genius who began all of it.

Occasionally, she imparts her knowledge to her followers. “You gotta get your self a kind of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils,” Ochoa wrote in a remark thread about her artwork. “I’m tellin ya, that’s the place the expertise lies.”

An almost-sharp pencil, mixed with the right “toothy” paper floor, offers the fitting setup for lead-based greatness. “Also strain and route of stroke actually makes a distinction in pitch.”

I’ve watched this video not less than a dozen instances. I nonetheless can’t do math, however I can hear the music completely.

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