We all know that bringing your palms into VR is a tremendous expertise, however choosing up objects like swords or weapons could be a little underwhelming. Currently controllers like Oculus Touch or the HTC Vive wands are unable to duplicate the load and form of interactive objects within the digital world, however this intriguing mod provides them that potential.

Nyoibo is an experimental mod from 3D designer Manuel Rosado that attaches to the highest of a Vive controller. The mechanical machine consists of a number of weights that may broaden and retract to distribute weight in relation to a digital object you’re holding. Pick up a rifle, for instance, and the weights will unfold from the top of the controller, bringing the heft you’d count on from holding the gun. Switch to a smaller weapon like an Uzi, although, and the machine will fold again up and realistically simulate the shift of weight when firing. The machine works with a Unity plug-in to speak with video games.

Check out the prototype in motion on this video beneath.

It’s fairly an elaborate resolution however could possibly be an efficient technique of eliminating the toy-like feeling of choosing up objects in VR. I do know I’d actually prefer to play Skyrim VR with controllers that really felt like a sword and defend that might dynamically shift over to the load of a bow and arrow.

Currently Rosado is engaged on a ultimate model of the machine with a strengthened base and joints. If the response to the machine proves constructive the developer will contemplate a Kickstarter crowd-funding marketing campaign to show it right into a product.

Oh and, sure, Nyoibo is known as after Goku’s extendable employees in Dragon Ball.

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