Wipeout lastly got here to PSVR final week, and the outcomes had been fairly excellent. Simply put, it’s considered one of if not one of the best PSVR video games on the market, providing exhilarating racing throughout three sport’s price of content material. Amazingly, although, the VR assist was pulled off by simply 5 individuals.

Co-developer Sony XDev revealed as a lot throughout an Ask Me Anything session on the PSVR subreddit this week. One fan requested how massive the crew behind the undertaking was and the way lengthy it took for VR to be carried out. The reply from the crew’s Johnny Mack was fairly shocking.

“[It took] simply two individuals at EPOS, Staffan and Daniel, each whizzes at what they do,” he revealed. “Xdev, simply me and assist from ace producers Mark and Claire (who’s a demon at WO) I believe we began in June final yr, and we had been primarily prepared in November. However then we had lot’s of dreaded bugs and session suggestions to implement warnings and so on. We wrapped up late Feb earlier than deciding to launch at a giant VR occasion in London final week.

Now, clearly there was a bigger crew behind making the sport itself but it surely’s nonetheless spectacular to see such a small group obtain such a cultured product in such a brief period of time.

Elsewhere, XDev confirmed that there have been no plans for HOTAS assist within the sport proper now. When requested if the crew had thought of extra Wipeout video games in VR they mentioned this: “Well if the success and enthusiasm turns into nice gross sales then the powers that be must think about it I suppose.”

You heard them.

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