Limited cell units, “feature-phones”, require a particular type of markup or a transcoder for internet content material. Most web sites do not present feature-phone-compatible content material in WAP/WML any extra. Given these developments, we have made adjustments in how we crawl feature-phone content material (notice: these adjustments do not have an effect on smartphone content material):

1. We’ve retired the feature-phone Googlebot

We will not be utilizing the feature-phone user-agents for crawling for search going ahead.

2. Use “handheld” hyperlink annotations for dynamic serving of feature-phone content material.

Some websites present content material for feature-phones by way of dynamic serving, based mostly on the person’s user-agent. To perceive this configuration, be sure your desktop and smartphone pages have a self-referential alternate URL hyperlink for handheld (feature-phone) units:

This is a change from our earlier steering of solely utilizing the “differ: user-agent” HTTP header. We’ve up to date our documentation on making feature-phone pages accordingly. We hope including this hyperlink factor is feasible in your facet, and thanks in your assist on this regard. We’ll proceed to indicate feature-phone URLs in search once we can acknowledge them, and once they’re applicable for customers.

3. We’re retiring feature-phone instruments in Search Console

Without the feature-phone Googlebot, particular sitemaps extensions for feature-phone, the Fetch as Google feature-phone choices, and feature-phone crawl errors are now not wanted. We proceed to help sitemaps and different sitemaps extensions (equivalent to for movies or Google News), in addition to the opposite Fetch as Google choices in Search Console.

We’ve labored to make these adjustments as minimal as attainable. Most web sites do not serve feature-phone content material, and would not be affected. If your web site has been offering feature-phone content material, we thanks in your assist in bringing the Internet to feature-phone customers worldwide!

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This article sources data from Google Webmaster Central Blog