Smart Safety Jewelry Promises to Reduce Assaults

Assaults should never happen. Especially to unsuspecting women going about their day-to-day. Yet all to often it still does. Here's an ingenious wearable device that can be clipped-on or worn on a necklace, and it's available for pre-orders on Indie Gogo.

How does it work? It sends out a text to a friend or family, as well as sets off a high-decible alarm. It seems like it would help prevent many assaults, especially on women. Imagine you're wondering the streets late at night and someone attempts an assault...just push the button and, in theory -- the load alarm should scare them away. If not, the police will surely be there in no time.

Atehna is an awesome product and initiative by ROAR. Check it out and support them!

Posted in Inspiration, Science & Technology on Nov 04, 2015


Smart Safety Jewelry to Reduce Assaults

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This is great, I need to get it for my sisters!

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