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Algorithms Are Rapidly Proliferating Intolerance and Unfairness: Why We Cannot (And Should Not) Be Waiting for Big Tech to Fix AI Problems

Algorithms underpin most aspects of life as we know it. And inclusive, equitable approaches to AI technology is a societal imperative. Read on to unpack considerations for ethical AI that is more inclusive and equitable, and why waiting for Big Tech is simply not an option.

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Principles for Huge Thinking: First-Order Principles and Elon Musk’s Scientific Method for Problem-Solving

Principles for huge thinking are the most effective strategies for breaking down complex problems and generating original solutions. Based on these principles, the best way to develop ideas is to break things down to the basics. Without a solid grasp of the fundamentals, the chances are that you won’t master the details that make the difference at elite levels of competition.

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