Iran's New Missile Shield

The Iranian State News Agency Press TV has released footage and some information regarding a new, indigenously manufactured missle defense system. It seems that the sanctions against them, which did not allow for any arms sales, led them to the design and manufacture of field-ready weapons for defense.

Iran Began Manufacturing Weapons of Defense since the Iraq War

Modern Iran began domestically manufacturing weapons during the intense Iran-Iraq war, which caused over a trillion dollars in economic damage. Besides having to resort to human waves, they evenoutfitted drones with rockets.

What this means for Israel This means that they have to be more on their toes now that their main adversary is capable of stopping many of their planes. The Iranians also claim their defense system can work against stealth planes, though that's hard to believe!

Posted in News, Politics on Dec 27, 2016


Iran's New Missile Shield

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