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HUGE thinking is open to guest posts. If you want to write for us, select a category from this list of topics and get in touch:

  • Future-back thinking, strategic foresight, and climate resilience (Futures literacy)
  • Design thinking and human-centered design (including User Experience and Interface Design)
  • Blockchain and Web3 (e.g. Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token)
  • Cryptocurrencies and crypto literacy
  • Social and Environmental Justice
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Social Ventures, Benefit Corporations, and Socially Responsible Startups
  • Philanthropy, Equitable Funding, and Impact Investing
  • Non-profits, Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)
  • Purpose-Driven Marketing
  • Future of Work
  • Digital transformation and customer experience (CX) transformation
  • Green Tech & Sustainability
  • Internet, the Digital Divide, and Digital Literacy
  • Social Media (Fb/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/Pinterest/YouTube)
  • Cyber Security & Surveillance Self-defense (Cyber literacy)
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy & Data Security
  • Big Data
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology