This announcement was initially posted on the CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Search Engine.

Job dissatisfaction and unemployment have been rampant and growing even before the pandemic. People are stressed with their job search and reskilling/upskilling needs, especially within specific audiences like first-generation nationals, neurodivergent individuals, and resilient people from neighborhoods with little community assets and accessible supports.

The CO.CAREERS platform is built to enable a low-effort user experience for people of all walks of life through a context-aware search engine that displays good jobs while promoting upskilling through easy-to-understand and consume career content created to promote future-proof jobs to diverse communities.

Founded by Ali Jaffar and backed by purpose-driven digital agency Key Medium, CO.CAREERS and its award-winning team are on a mission to make it easy to connect people and organizations in your community with a private talent network and up-to-date practical career resources.

Their vision is to see a world where everyone can achieve economic opportunity—without asking them to sacrifice their values to achieve work-life balance and get the pay they deserve.

Job seekers looking for better opportunities, new industries, or completely different roles can use CO.CAREERS

Discovering a career that excites with benefits, appreciates values, and prioritizes work-life balance matters, but it can be very stressful.

Changing jobs is one of the most stressful life experiences an individual (and their family) can face. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure is 4.1 years, with some industries, such as hospitality, having the lowest median tenure at 2.3 years. And changing to a different line of work may require completely uprooting your day-to-day and starting to balance job searches and taking interviews while caring for an infant child. Changing jobs ranks on the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory as more stressful than taking on a new mortgage or facing foreclosure. As such, job seekers may benefit from a low-effort user experience that subtly encourages options for upskilling or even reskilling for a different line of work for a career that suits their lifestyle.

How the CO.CAREERS Platform Works for Job Seekers

Use CO.CAREERS’ Good Jobs Search Engine to help you find a career and flexible job that suits your lifestyle by allowing you to search available positions by keywords or job titles such as UX, Designer, Web Design, Web Dev, or Marketing.

CO.CAREERS job board screenshot showing user searching for UI/UX design jobs
Job searcher depicted searching for UX Design in the new CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Search Engine

Users can also choose from employment types, location, and job post time for finding the freshest jobs (e.g., in the past week). Be sure to sign up for the weekly job notifications based on your search preferences entered to get weekly email notifications.

Screenshot showing over 139 of the best UX design jobs available in June 2022

Logged in user depicted searching for UX design and finding 139 real UX design jobs posted in the last month

On the CO.CAREERS platform, they only post careers with specific job functions from employers who meet human-centered criteria since that’s what they know best. It demonstrates what the CO.CAREERS platform can look like as a private talent network that is configured. The search then returns matches from vetted employers looking for top talent.

The current job posting types are configured to revolve around:

It is updated with new jobs every day. Complimentary to the availability of good jobs, CO.CAREERS offers an exclusive Knowledge Base with up-to-date, practical career content that can help job seekers find a career that feels like more than a boring 9-5.