Fewer than half of President Donald Trump’s government department and judicial nominees have been confirmed by the Senate—the bottom variety of confirmations prior to now 4 administrations at comparable factors of their presidencies.

The dismal numbers—a complete of 223 confirmations of 519 nominees—had been circulated by the White House amid complaints of unprecedented Democratic obstruction and the Senate’s lax schedule.

Nominations Bush 1989 Clinton 1993 Bush 2001 Obama 2009 Trump 2017
Received in Senate 463 545 783 581 519
Confirmed 341 406 451 394 223
% Confirmed 74% 74% 58% 68% 43%
Cloture Votes 0 6 0 5 51
Voice Votes 321 398 413 366 146
Roll Call Votes 20 8 38 28 77

Source: Congress.gov, by way of White House

Trump has 175 pending nominees awaiting motion from Senate committees and one other 101 on the Senate calendar awaiting a affirmation vote, in accordance with the White House.

“Personnel is coverage. In delaying the affirmation of President Trump’s appointees, the Senate is immediately limiting the president’s effectiveness,” the Conservative Action Project argued in an Oct. 10 letter.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has used delaying techniques, resembling the utmost of 30 hours of debate on nominees, to decelerate the affirmation technique of Trump picks. That glacial tempo means as few as two to 5 nominees are getting roll name votes every week.

“If this continues, it’s going to take us greater than 11 years to verify the remaining presidential appointment[s],” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., stated earlier this yr.

Democrats compelled greater than eight instances as many cloture votes within the Senate at this level within the first yr of a presidency than some other Senate minority going again to President George H.W. Bush’s tenure in 1989. Further, the 51 cloture votes for Trump nominees is greater than all the previous 4 predecessors mixed by their whole administrations.

Senate Democrats have even used procedures to dam noncontroversial nominees. Six of the cloture votes had been required to get votes on nominees who handed on the Senate flooring with greater than 90 votes, two with greater than 85 votes, and one with 79 votes.

While these techniques have slowed the affirmation course of, Democrats alone aren’t the issue, in accordance with the Conservative Action Project, which launched a letter final month imploring the Senate to maneuver extra rapidly.

“The sluggish tempo of Senate confirmations is exacerbated by the Senate’s continued insistence on working not more than 2 ½ days per week—arriving on Monday night for a handful of votes, and departing, on common, by 2:30 p.m. every Thursday afternoon,” wrote the 133 conservative leaders who signed the letter. “Previous Senates labored tougher.”

The brief Senate workweeks and Schumer’s delaying techniques have resulted in 118 fewer conformations for Trump than the following closest administration, courting again to 1989. Three of Trump’s 4 predecessors had greater than 65 p.c of their nominees confirmed by this level of their presidency, whereas Trump has simply 43 p.c confirmed.

Dating to 1989, solely President George H.W. Bush noticed the Senate obtain fewer nominations by this level within the first yr of an administration. However, the primary Bush had a a lot increased affirmation price.

The Senate has obtained 519 nominations from Trump and confirmed 223.

By this level in 2009, the Senate obtained 581 nominees from President Barack Obama and confirmed 394, or 68 p.c. President George W. Bush made 783 nominations by this level in 2001 and had 451 confirmations, or 58 p.c. President Bill Clinton despatched 545 nominees to the Senate by November 1993, with a 74 p.c success price of 406 confirmations.

George H.W. Bush bought the identical 74 p.c affirmation price by November 1989, getting 341 confirmations out of 463 nominations by the Senate.

For the complete single four-year time period of George H.W. Bush, the Senate had just one cloture vote for a nomination. George W. Bush noticed solely 4 cloture votes throughout his eight years in workplace.

The Senate solid 10 clotures votes for Clinton nominees and 17 on Obama nominees, each two-term presidents, in accordance with White House statistics.

Just 146 of Trump’s nominees had been confirmed by the Senate with a voice vote. George H.W. Bush’s nominees handed by a voice vote 321 instances; 398 for Clinton; 413 for George W. Bush; and 366 for Obama.

The signers of the Conservative Action Project letter urged McConnell to problem the Democrats’ techniques by staying in session longer.

“[I]f Democrats are going to insist on all post-cloture time to be run, Majority Leader McConnell can simply make this painful for them by forcing steady session in a single day and thru the weekend,” they wrote. “If the Senate stayed in session constantly for per week (together with the weekend), they might verify as much as 5 nominees each week even when Democrats made them run the complete post-cloture time on every nomination.”

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