Ali here with an exciting new talk to share with the Chief Content Officer of Coindesk and Billionaire Founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio. Watch and listen as they share a dialogue rooted in real-world economic principles, tied to the innovations occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

One key takeaway is that communities are being given, and incentivized by the tokens and assets they are creating…in order to increase collective action and social innovation–as the world changes at an even more rapid pace.

Two leading indicators to keep track of and be informed of:

  • The market capitalization, plotted on a chart with the market capitalization of bonds (right now it’s not that big of a deal, as bonds are 25X Bitcoin in terms of market captialization, as of writing this, or nearly $25T; of which you can also see nearly $7T of bond holdings by foreign nations here)
  • Economic productivity and innovation in building and operationalizing the decentralized platforms (e.g. Ethereum, and some metrics we could keep track of: R&D spending, # and value of ICOs, # of employees and contributors to a decentralized project)

In this video, you can see my full conversation with Coindesk’s Michael Casey as part of Consensus 2021 in which we discuss the current financial environment in the U.S., including where we are in long-term debt cycles, monetary policy, inflation, currencies, and Bitcoin.

Ray Dalio

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