Google, the world’s most used search engine, is now Alphabet, Inc. (Alphabet), a company that has created XXVI (the company’s new holding firm for all of the ‘different bets’) to integrate Google’s many services across the globe. Alphabet, Inc. will be responsible for Google’s product portfolio, which includes everything from Search to YouTube, Gmail, Translate, Google Maps, Chrome, Android, Play music, Photos, Maps, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, etc. Google chairman and Alphabet Inc. CEO Larry Page discusses the company’s decision to reorganize by breaking out Google’s different businesses into individual companies under Alphabet HQ.

Google Restructures

With their ever-changing brand, Alphabet, Google has restructured in 201 Alphabet used to be the company over all of Google’s divesting products, but now they are creating a new holding company for all of Google’s “different bets.” This new company is called XXVI. The new company will have subsidiaries that have their own CEOs. Alphabet CEO Larry Page said, “If you want one CEO, it should be Larry. If you want ten CEOs, it would be ten of me.” XXVI will have 11 CEOs. Page also said, “The new structure will allow us to keep more of the big bets we’ve made over the past 12 years.”

With the new restructuring, Alphabet will be looking to make investments in new projects and “different bets”. The company says that under the new holding firm, it will take a “more disciplined approach” and will be able to “make reasoned decisions” that focus on the company’s core internet products and services. However, not all of Alphabet’s employees are on board with the new transition, and Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond has resigned in order to show dissent.

All in all this is big news, and shows Alphabet’s ever-expanding role in the world as the foremost purveyor of organized, and useful information, as well as well beyond that such as with Project Loon and beyond.