The Big News is in!

Google Play’s update to its developer policy has made kind viewers (or readers) like you aware of something — in the words of a Zen master who worked at a Chinese food buffet — very, very good.

Dearest readers, I tend to think in primes first — as in, what is the most important part of this… RIGHT NOW? Note: Primes are also important because they’re not exchangeable with any other sort of number, and the more primes something has the better-suited it is to truly being New or Breaking News. Simple enough, eh? Though not enough to quote Canadians too exclusively.

And so, here are the prime factors:

1 – Google is releasing Family Play Library in JulyFamily Play Library is a potentially ground-breaking feature that allows families to purchase and share single apps (for up to 6 family members) that otherwise would have needed to be a) batch purchased or b) purchased on singular devices and then shared, thereby making more difficult the experience of using apps — whether on tablet or phone. Do kids and parents really share that well? No word on whether Google Family Play Library will have a foot in the Chrome-apps door as well, though it’s possible.

2 – What is shareable: Google Android Apps. Very distinct from Apple’s sharing of music, movies, books, TV shows, and so on. This gives Google a strategic investment in paid apps (go Googie!), and makes things easier for families that link up their accounts. Potentially, this opens the door to the Internet Home dream far more than may originally seem — especially since this type of user integration-into-home status will evolve faster than slowly. That is, this move fits in with the overall vision of making the Internet-connected home possible in our time, rather than our children’s.

3 – The idea-realized will have one family manager, who manages entry into the group. There might be some bufferable zone in this regard. But don’t wait too long to try it out, since it seems like Google will forever be on the case, so to speak.

Here’s how to setup your family plan with Google.

Apple fans, check out their Family Sharing feature.

Written by Mohammed Jaffar.

Google Play for Families