Investments are, at their core, things that people pour, share, or invest money, time, and effort into. Thus, investments are of the financial type, and indeed there are plenty of people to cover these types of investments. Good or bad, the first type of investment tends to be more formalized and involves an exchange of money for a set period of time, then a return of that same money, plus a factor of it.

These two numbers: How much invested and How much returned are key numbers to any basic calculation. Keep them in mind, but only because you’ll need them for ROI.

Part of The Dream 
Beginner’s conceptualizations of Investments without the fluff.
That’s what I’m dreaming right now: A time where things are so much better than before, and that that time could be now.

That is how to begin selling something that flows that statement with truth, though, rather than misgivings.

For I believe in for a proper product, a proper vehicle to have that product attain what become anticipated goals, and the goodness that follows, all the way into a rewarding, though deeply understood, life.

End of 3 point lesson (Because you’re the third point — of every idea)
This is called Moral-Business, where ethics lead the way towards more mutually beneficial lives.

The world, the world:
How beautiful would it be if things turned out in the following sequence:

Fill in the blanks here.

Mine are

  1. Dream
  2. Do (The Greeks called this Praxis)
  3. Enjoy

For me, everything fits into the above.

…For what is a dream without an investment, but something that slowly (sometimes slower than anything– that is, too slowly) happens, over the years; and, conversely, what are investments without dreams but grayish for being so black and white uncreative?

These questions and others, as our company’s story, mine personally and, if you join us on this journey yours as well, will either be answered or outdone with even better questions.

Mohammed Jaffar / M