When the Oculus Rift first launched again in 2016 there was somewhat sport named AirMech Command. It was fairly good for the time, particularly contemplating it was performed with only a gamepad initially, and it allow us to expertise a extra immersive approach to play a top-down view sport as if we had been a General within the sky. Eventually it bought hand controller help and it’s nonetheless fairly stable, however in hindsight it by no means really takes full benefit of the medium.

Now we’ve bought Brass Tactics from Hidden Path Entertainment. We first performed the sport at GDC final yr, noticed a follow-up demo a couple of months later, and simply bought our fingers on the free-to-play Arena mode variant final week, however now with the total launch proper across the nook we are able to confidently say that Brass Tactics might very properly be the most effective RTS we’ve seen in VR but. What Landfall does for real-time ways based mostly motion video games, Brass Tactics does for the RTS market in VR.

For followers of the style, it’s bought nearly every part you’d need. The distinctive steampunk setting serves as a backdrop for a surprisingly stable marketing campaign that boasts roughly 4-6 hours of content material. Across the entire sport you’ll discover over 20 completely different highly-detailed and various maps, a number of armies to select from with branching unit improve paths, and a combination of each cooperative and aggressive multiplayer.

Before Brass Tactics, it appeared like VR RTS video games would attempt to boil down the expertise as a lot as doable to ratchet up the “interplay” however scale down the “options” so it turned extra of a MOBA than a true-to-form RTS. Recent examples like League of War and Skyworld each fall into that class. But Brass Tactics manages to retain the depth and complexity the style is thought for.

Each match typically begins the identical with opponents starting at reverse ends of the map floating as Oculus avatars close to their house base citadel. Small gathering items scavenge for crystals and gold, the primary sources in Brass Tactics, which can be utilized to construct constructions, spawn items, and improve your kingdom.

Throughout the map are round nodes that may be captured by putting a unit close by and as soon as captured you may attain over to put a summoning tower. Once the tower is constructed, that is the way you spawn new items. This is a intelligent mechanic as a result of it means turtling up and clustering your entire constructions collectively again at your house base isn’t an possibility — you’re pressured to stretch out into the sport world to create items and increase your forces. Stretching your self too skinny is a really actual and certain state of affairs.

Each new area you unlock nets you extra useful resource gatherers as properly, so the extra towers you’ve gotten the extra sources you’re gathering per minute, which implies you may construct extra items extra shortly. It’s a really satisfying gameplay loop and actually incentivizes you to be versatile throughout the map.

The approach you really transfer across the map itself is basically inventive. By putting your fingers on the desk, which looks like a large tabletop sport board, you may drag your self throughout it or elevate and decrease it for a greater viewing angle. Once you get the hold of it you may slide throughout the map with a flick of the wrist to shortly entry forgotten corners.

Since your avatar is floating over the map from the very begin which means that there is no such thing as a fog of battle, which is normally a staple of RTS video games. Instead, the builders at Hidden Path have informally coined a time period we heard them use dubbed the “fog of consideration” which is a uniquely VR factor. The map is all the time  seen always, however due to how immersive and concerned the sport turns into, you find yourself forgetting in regards to the areas not instantly in entrance of you — therefore fogging up your “consideration” span as a substitute.

Each map has a really distinct persona in and of itself, requiring completely different methods. Some are very straight-forward with open areas aching for battles to play out, whereas others are extra segmented and various. Matches normally take round 20 minutes or so, give or take, however the end-game can play out very slowly if two sides are evenly matched. When you’ve bought siege tanks and dragons and forces of a half-dozen closely armored rocketeeers duking it out in a climactic remaining battle issues can get very, very epic in a short time.

The largest lacking piece of the expertise as in comparison with different fashionable RTS video games is that the items themselves lack a little bit of the nuance you may be searching for. You can improve your items individually again at your fundamental base, however when really utilizing them you gained’t be capable of use completely different weapons, take cowl, set traps, or different issues that extra tactically-designed RTS video games allow you to do. And the dearth of “actual” base constructing eliminates a few of the personalization so every match finally ends up feeling vaguely the identical for essentially the most half.

The marketing campaign is way more strong than I anticipated, however it’s not the rationale why folks can purchase this sport. It’s an ideal introductory expertise, however the multiplayer is the place this one actually sings. Playing competitively is simply wonderful. Since you may visibly see your enemy’s avatar scanning across the map you may inform exactly the place they’re consideration is occupied which makes flanking way more thrilling and head-to-head skirmishes grow to be far more intense this manner as properly.

Cooperative multiplayer is nice enjoyable too if you happen to’d slightly work collectively, however I’ve bought a sense the aggressive mode is what’s going to assist this one actually stand out from the pack.

Final Score – 8.5/10 – Great

Brass Tactics is an enormous step ahead for RTS video games in VR. The tactile feeling of choosing up, directing, and interacting with items utilizing your personal fingers is superb and the combination of single participant, in addition to each cooperative and aggressive multiplayer, all provides as much as probably the most feature-rich technique video games we’ve seen but. It lacks a few of the depth and complexity of its fashionable non-VR counterparts, however you’d be hard-pressed to discover a extra competent and interesting RTS in VR proper now.

Brass Tactics launches on 2/22/18 on Oculus Home for Oculus Rift. Read our Game Review Guidelines for extra info on how we arrived at this rating.

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