The market for NFTs has more than slightly increased: it is, per Reuters, surging. In 2020, the first half of the year saw sales ranging in the dollar amounts of $13.7 Million. By comparison, 2021 already has sales in the realm of $2.5 BILLION.

Since March 2021, there are more buyers than sellers, per

In March, Beeple’s ‘The First 5000 Days’ sold for $69.346M.

Beeple's First 5000 Days
Credit: Beeple

CryptoPunk #3100 was bought March 11th for $7.584M.

CryptoPunk #3100
Source: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunk #7804 was sold on March 10th for $7.566M.

Source: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunk #6965 was sold on February 19th for $1.608M.

CryptoPunk 6965 - monkey
Source: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunk #4156 was sold on February 18th for $1.306M.

CryptoPunk #4156
Credit: CryptoPunks

Other Notables

Nyancat sold for $603k

NBA Top Shot NFTs have been selling well.

CrOSSROAD, also by Beeple, has sold for $6.66M.

The first Tweet ever has sold for $2.9M.

Notable Platforms

NBA’s Top Shot platform is blockchain-based and works to let users buy and sell official NBA-licensed collectible highlights like they’re baseball cards in the form of “Moments.” So far, this platform has nearly $350M in total sales since going live in late 2020, more than three quarters of that amount processed in the past month alone.

CryptoPunks are 24×24 pixel art images created by an algo made by Larva Labs, a New York based software firm. There are 10,000 distinct CryptoPunks were free, initially, claimable by anybody with an Ethereum wallet. However, the only way to get one of these pixelated images is on the digital marketplace. Each CryptoPunk is its own NFT. They’ve made more than $100M in a single month earlier this year.